inTENS Relief means self-regeneration of the body in the form of a comfortable massager

Many people suffer from health problems. Constant pain in the spine, knee or leg does not allow a normal life. Painkillers are a good way to eliminate discomfort for a short period of time, however, frequent use of drugs may adversely affect the functioning of the body. That is why more and more people are looking for alternative ways to overcome pain and thus reach for an electro massager inTENS Relief.

What is inTENS Relief?

inTENS Relief is a device that emits gentle electrical impulses, relaxing the muscles during the treatment. The first effects of inTENS Relief can be observed after the first massage, but to get rid of the pain once and for all you need to undergo a number of treatments. Fortunately, you can perform the massage yourself at home.

Regular use of the device helps to alleviate the discomfort associated with arthritis and stress effects. inTENS Relief is also a great solution for people who have hip or knee problems. Low-frequency electrical impulses have a positive effect on the processes associated with muscle contraction. Thanks to systematic electrical stimulation, tissues stop shrinking excessively. Reducing the frequency and intensity of the contractions is particularly important for people who wake up during the night due to painful ailments.

InTENS ReliefinTENS Relief uses TENS technology. TENS (stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) can be used for a very wide range of injuries or chronic disabilities. It is seen as a more holistic approach to pain relief because it is non-invasive and drug free.

Nerve stimulation is so important because muscles contract when the nerves that control them are activated by electrical impulses sent from the brain. This is especially important for people who suffer from frequent numbness due to nerve damage. The brain loses some if not all control after any damage to these nerves (such as spinal cord injury) because they are difficult to re-activate.

The TENS can be extremely helpful in supporting this kind of nerve re-activation, which is necessary in attempts to repair the damage. This is important over time because a longer period of time without muscle spasms can worsen atrophy/pain and other ailments. In the recent studies [1] conducted by the Plos One Journal, scientists tested the sciatic nerve and concluded that “electrical stimulation of the damaged sciatic nerve can speed up regeneration and recovery”. Moreover this Science Daily article [2]  shows that electric nerve stimulation can reverse spinal cord injury in patients.

When looking for a TENS electromassage device, there are a few things to consider. Many channels and intensity settings tailored to each person’s needs are a must if you want to buy an electrical stimulation device. That is why you should opt for inTENS Relief, offering the best possible performance.

What ailments does inTENS Relief treat?

InTENS Relief - boxElectrostimulation therapy (also known as electrotherapy or TENS electrostimulation) is a procedure used by chiropractors and other healthcare professionals that uses electrical frequencies and waveforms to alleviate both chronic and acute pain and speed up the healing of damaged tissue. This therapy was first developed in 1855 by French neurologist Guillaume Duchenne, who discovered that the use of alternating current in a patient with nervous or muscular disorders has a therapeutic effect.

Although the mechanism of action of electrostimulation therapy is not exactly known, it is believed that electrical stimulation can block the transmission of pain signals along the nerves and also stimulate the release of analgesic natural endorphins. In addition, electrical impulses cause muscle tissue fatigue, causing the tension to discharge and increasing blood flow in this area. This increases the amount of nutrients supplied to the affected area of muscle tissue, while helping to remove accumulated toxins.

It is known that the use of electrotherapy is helpful in many diseases, including:

  • Reducing the intensity of muscle spasms;
  • Improving the range of movement in the joints due to injury or arthritis;
  • Treatment of neuromuscular dysfunctions by increasing strength, motor control and blood flow and delaying muscle atrophy;
  • Accelerating tissue repair by stimulating microcirculation and improving connective tissue and dermis health;
  • Reducing swelling by accelerating the rate of fluid absorption and affecting the permeability of blood vessels;
  • Increasing muscle strength.

Why is the product particularly recommended for people over 30 years old?

According to research, 80% of all illnesses occurring to people in their thirties are caused by tension and stress. At this age, most people experience more chemical, emotional, and physical stress than ever before. The good news is that there are now ways to alleviate stress-related ailments as well as the beginning of aging.

Below is a list of psychological reactions to stress, especially in people in their thirties:

  • Increased pulse and heart rate;
  • Increased muscle tension;
  • High blood pressure;
  • Fast breathing;
  • Slower digestion;
  • Muffled immunity;
  • Insomnia and increased alertness;
  • Increased production of stress hormone;

These reactions are beneficial in dangerous or stressful situations. However, when the dangerous situation passes, the body allegedly calms down and returns to its natural state. The problem arises when the body cannot return to its natural state in a natural way, either because of repeated use of the above reactions or because of some progressive age-related diseases such as menopause.

Stress-related health problems, often affecting people in their thirties:

  • Migraines and headaches
  • Abnormal muscle tension
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • Arthritis and diabetes
  • Hypertension

It should be noted that these problems are not only reserved for older people. Anyone can suffer from problems generated by stress. In addition to the obvious advantages of massage using inTENS Relief, such as relaxation, it has been proven that therapeutic electromassage sessions effectively minimize stress in the body and significantly reduce the effects of anxiety, digestive problems and even depression. The device can be used at any age, but for middle and older age it is particularly useful in many cases.

Main advantages of using inTENS Relief for people over 30 years of age:

  1. increased blood flow to the limbs. With age, blood circulation may be difficult. The massage will help the blood to reach all inaccessible places to avoid numbness.
  2. improved gait and balance. As the aging process progresses, bones become more fragile. The inTENS Relief therapy improves proprioception or relative positioning of different parts of the body to increase balance and minimize the risk of injury.
  3. softening of hard tissues and muscles. As you age, you will experience harder and more tense muscles and tissues. Increasing blood flow through a TENS massage reduces muscle tension.
  4. increase in flexibility. The older a person gets, the less flexible his muscles become. The healing massage softens tense muscles, allowing a wider range of movements and activities.

Product usage

Contrary to what you can imagine, electrotherapy is not painful at all, for most patients it is very relaxing. The sensation caused by inTENS Relief begins as a tingling sensation and as the frequency increases it transforms into a massage-like feeling. A therapeutic session usually lasts from 10 to 20 minutes. Although it is most commonly used on the back or neck, electrostimulation therapy is also used on the limbs or wherever there are health problems. How to use inTENS Relief?

InTENS Relief - product usage

  • Test the device’s battery pack to make sure it is fully charged. inTENS Relief has 9 power levels that can be set to get the desired result.
  • Use alcohol to clean the skin you will be applying the device to. Let your skin dry.
  • You can use an electrode gel. Apply a thin layer of gel onto the skin. This gel will help the electrical signal to reach the nerves under the skin.
  • Place the device on the skin.
  • Slowly turn the control knobs to the correct position. You should feel tingling.

What should I do after inTENS Relief treatment?

  • Turn the control knobs to the off position.
  • Wash the skin in the area that touched the device. Clean the part of the device that touched the skin with soap and water to remove the gel;
  • Remove the battery and replace it with a new one. Charge the battery so that it is ready for the next treatment.

Opinions – inTENS Relief

review - biotechnologistThe inTENS Relief electrostimulation device is one of the best solutions for muscle and joint pains of different origin. Women using inTENS Relief admit that the device relaxes stiff muscles almost immediately. Men, on the other hand, point out that the device allows them to easily and quickly get rid of the discomfort associated with muscle overload.

Many men also think that an electric massage device is a great alternative for those who do not like to go to specialists. InTENS Relief also has a good reputation among older people – it is very easy to use. This allows everyone to perform the electrostimulation procedure themselves. Using electromassage is therefore ideal for those who want to get rid of discomfort once and for all.

“This is the third device I bought for leg pain. There are many reasons why I like this massager most:

  • This device is like a hand massage. It penetrates deep into the muscles and pulses, pushes, etc. Some other devices give the feeling of pricking – they give the impression that someone is pulling the hair on my legs. I did not have this impression.
  • It is a simple device and does not light up the room when I turn it on. My leg pain gets worse as the hours go by. Digital screen devices seem to be a great idea, but they do not. They are too bright when I am tired, or they have small images and a few places to move on the screen. There are too many possibilities whenever you want a simple relief and frankly the settings on a digital device are basically the same – none are soothing.
  • InTENS is easy to use. I can set it by “feeling” the buttons; the first is on/off, the next button is the settings.

Basically, this device is much better than others. These digital devices can be charged and recharged for a long time, but here you just need to go get the batteries and you are good to go! For those with leg pain, I highly recommend this inTENS Relief!”

To sum up, inTENS Relief is a revolutionary device that delivers an electrical impulse to the body’s motor nerves. It can speed up regeneration, relieve pain, increase muscle strength, and even improve performance and stress relief.

Do you know?

InTENS Relief - do you knowDevices similar to inTENS Relief are used in sport.

Shanté Cofield, D.P.T., founder of The Movement Maestro, explains that muscle spasms are one of the most effective ways to reduce swelling and inflammation – two things every runner will certainly encounter at some point during training. „EMS can be a great way to help with regeneration, especially for runners [3], because muscle spasms can help with circulation and reduce swelling in the lower extremities without additional effort or exercise”. – he says. “The last thing you want to do after a 20-mile run is to do another exercise. It’s a good way to recover without any additional activity.

But inTENS Relief provides more holistic effects than most EMS devices used in sports.

InTENS Relief – buy now

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Safety in use

Most people use inTENS Relief and usually have no side effects.

However, the electrical impulses produced by the TENS device can cause a buzzing, tingling or stinging sensation that some people may find unpleasant. Anyone who experiences redness and skin irritation can switch to hypoallergenic agents instead.

It is very important never to place the device on the front of the neck or the eyes. Placing the device on your neck may lower your blood pressure and cause cramps. The device on the eye may increase the pressure in the eye and cause injuries.

Although the treatment is safe for most people, experts recommend that certain groups avoid electric massage unless the doctor recommends it.

This recommendation applies to the following persons:

  • Pregnant women: Pregnant women should avoid use in the abdomen and pelvic region.
  • Persons with epilepsy: Putting electrodes on the head or neck of people with epilepsy may cause seizures.
  • Persons with heart problems.
  • Persons with pacemakers or other types of electric or metal implants.

Tell your doctor if your muscles start to tremble during therapy. TENS signals may be too strong or too fast. Also tell him if you do not feel tingling at all. The signal may be too weak or too slow.

Do not sleep or come close to water with inTENS Relief on.